After working in quantifying oceanic gases in the global ocean for more than ten years, she has now specialized herself on plastic pollution and marine debris in the environment. She published two papers one on the validation of ATR FT-IR to identify polymers of plastic marine debris, including those ingested by marine organisms by Jung et al., 2018 and her latest paper on the production of greenhouse gases by plastics that has caught a lot of attention with the media. She has many ongoing projects from citizen science to the tracking of marine debris in the ocean to a time series of the prevalence of micro-fibres in coastal regions.

Over the past ten years, Sarah-Jeanne has been involved in 19 oceanographic expeditions in polar (Arctic and Antarctic), tropical and sub-tropical regions where on some occasions she was the chief scientist and responsible for the supervision of master and PhD students. Her research has been published in 17 scientific journals, presented at 31 scientific conferences and part of several reports and grant proposals.


To find out more about the details of her work, download her CV here.